Snap Delivered Welcomes Marie’s Kitchen in Marietta GA as the Newest Member of the Referral Based Food Delivery Service

Marietta, GA. – Food delivery newcomer, Snap Delivered, is launching in Marietta, GA, and is seeking local restaurants to use their delivery service platform to cut out the high delivery fees from billion dollar delivery giants. 

A major problem during the pandemic was that restaurants had to shut down and many had to turn to delivery in order to stay open. For many restaurants, delivery was just a side business that only made up 5-10% of their intake, but with a shift in habits-even before the pandemic started-and dining rooms closed, delivery became front and center to make a profit. 

The restaurant delivery sector had been growing 300% faster than dine-in before the lockdowns and things have accelerated massively since then.  Delivery is big business and it is here to stay. In 2021, delivery is projected to be a $106 Billion industry and will almost double by 2025 to $200 Billion according to Forbes. 

The problem for restaurant owners is that they are being charged high fees from billion-dollar public companies which makes it really hard to make a profit.

Snap Delivered, which launched nationally across the United States on September 1st, 2021, has come up with a new business model that keeps more money in the pockets of local restaurant owners. It also keeps more money in the local community by offering a referral program to sign restaurants up to the Snap Delivered App. 

Local restaurants can sign up their own loyal customers to the app and make a referral commission every time their customer orders food delivery through the app. It doesn’t matter whether it is food from their own restaurant or another local restaurant on the Snap Delivered App, the referral link ties that customer to Snap Delivered, and every time the customer orders, the restaurant gets paid. 

Unlike other companies in the food delivery industry, Snap Delivered is not going to spend billions of dollars on advertising, but instead, offer opportunities to people in the local community to spread the word about the company. Local churches, schools, and other organizations might see the opportunity as a great fundraiser as a percentage of each delivery fee goes back to the referrer. 

Snap Delivered is looking for more restaurants in Marietta, GA to join the team and take advantage of their $2 flat-rate delivery. It made sense for Marie Puverge of Marie’s Kitchen on Roswell Rd, Marietta to join the Snap Delivered platform. She had never offered delivery in her busy Haitian restaurant before stating that it was too expensive to use the other companies. Marie was happy with the $2 delivery knowing she can now deliver and still make a profit. 

Marietta’s Snap Delivered representative, Neil Howe said, “It is exciting to see local restaurant owners light up at the sound of a low flat-rate delivery. Snap Delivered’s mission is to help local restaurants take back control of their profits while empowering the local community with our referral-based program. Restaurants have been hit really hard by the pandemic and it is nice to be able to offer them something that is going to make a real difference to their bottom line and for many, could be the difference between staying in business or having to shut up shop.”

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To sign up in Marietta, GA or anywhere in Metro Atlanta, contact Local Snap Delivered Rep -Neil Howe at (404) 428-1399 or visit:

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