The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado Features His New Funnel Toolkit On The Trust Factor Radio

The Trust Factor Radio, a widely followed radio show, continues to impress its steadily growing audience pool. This show is broadcasted by Business Innovators Radio and features some of the best business minds dedicated to helping the listeners increase sales and profits in their business. In a recent episode, host Neil Howe interviewed three-time international bestselling author, speaker, and publisher of Funnel Magazine, Hawk Mikado. 

Howe started by introducing Hawk Mikado as the number one funnel builder for coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors. Hawk is accredited as the top ClickFunnels certified partner, a professional neuro-linguistic communication trainer, and a skillful business strategist who has helped 12+ companies scale their business to 7 & 8+ figures with a funnel. Howe also informed listeners that Mikado’s Launch Formula has helped 11,973+ people create six-plus figure businesses.

Hawk revealed that his entrepreneurial journey started at the young age of seven. In 6th grade, he started his first marketing company and started helping friends and family with their marketing.  In 2011, he launched his own online program and started to grow his own business. Hawk is the creator of Funnel Magazine, a cutting edge niche publication designed for entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers who are interested in staying at the forefront of the marketplace.

Hawk mentioned he’s helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs learn how to grow their business by 6+ figures using his Trifecta Funnel Framework, and other key strategies he’s proven time and time again. His knowledge and experience will be showcased in his “Launch Funnel Secrets” book coming later this year.

The Launch Funnel Secrets book shares the same strategies he’s used to grow 7 of his own companies to 6+ figures and 1 company to 7+ figures. There is a training program that is built around the book as well. It is designed to help entrepreneurs go from zero to six figures. In the interview, Hawk shared a super insider secret he used when writing the Launch Funnel Secrets book and how he got paid to write his own book as well as build an incredible amount of desire for people to purchase the physical copy when it comes out. 

Hawk also spoke at length about his new Funnel Toolkit that has been designed to help users understand the core tactics and strategies for the actual implementation of funnels. That includes driving leads to bring in their ideal customers or clients. This toolkit is about developing the core components that every funnel needs to be able to actually grow and scale a business. 

One component that really holds a lot of people back is funnel design. “So, understanding how to go out and find those designs is important because they’re there unless you’re starting a completely new industry,” Hawk mentioned. “If you find a niche inside of an existing market, somebody has already proven the design, the process, and the prices. Everything they’ve already done has been proven for you. So all you have to do is find the company that is already sending traffic and model their design.” 

This is just one of the components taught in the Funnel Toolkit. You can find out more by visiting,

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