The Law of Brand Attraction, By Seven-Times Best-Selling Author Sammy Blindell, Hits #1 in the Amazon Home-Based Business Category

Having spent 13 years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, Blindell built six more companies in the business growth sector. She launched  in 2014, taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks with her first book and online program. In February 2017, she launched Brand Builders Club, and in April 2019 founded her Global movement, ‘One Drop’ to celebrate the ripple effect that is created when changemakers collaborate rather than compete. Blindell has created 72 online products and 1,000+ online courses to show others how to accomplish, in just a few months, what it takes most business owners a lifetime to achieve. Needless to say, she is a remarkable powerhouse!

In The Law of Brand Attraction, Blindell explains how there is so much competition in the global paying field, forcing good business people to compete in price wars which has reduced the value of products and services to an all-time low. 

Readers learn from Blindell on how to find alternative solutions for doing what you love, enjoying more free time, experiencing less stress and getting paid well all while making a difference that matters to the right people. 

“If you’re not leading, you’re losing out and for every moment your ideal customers are not investing in you, they are losing out too.” – Sammy Blindell


“I’m already implementing two massive business strategies that I’ve learned.” – 5 stars, That History Girl

“As a consciousness revolutionary who recognizes the potency of gratitude in all aspects of our lives, I found this book to be specially aligned with both my life and my business “model.”” – 5 stars, Susan Shatzer

“I had heard a bit about the concept of this book before I read it and was excited to do so. But wow was I in for a shock, it was 24 very individual stories that when read together blew me away. Cannot suggest highly enough for those who are in business or hope to one day start.” – 5 stars, Caroline S.



The Law of Brand Attraction, by Sammy Blindell, an award-winning and seven times best-selling author and CVO behind How To Build A Brand, The Brand Builders Club and One Drop Movement and can be purchased at Law of Brand Attraction website and also on Amazon UK and Amazon US. 

All proceeds of the book go to Clear Sky Children’s Charity, a UK based charity supporting vulnerable, and at risk, children and young people with resources, training and support to get them through and continue on to live a long healthy life, free of trauma. 

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