“The Law of Brand Attraction,” Featuring Bob Doyle of The Secret, Hits #1 in the Amazon Home-Based Business Category

Having taught the Law of Attraction for nearly 20 years, and featured in The Secret, Bob Doyle learned that the #1 thing stopping people from succeeding with ANY technique is their wiring. As Doyle explains, the brain literally, if left unattended, will create its own perception of reality of truth, of what is good or bad, difficult or easy. 

Readers of The Law of Brand Attraction, will surely agree that often in building a business we are forced to learn new things which may at times be uncomfortable. As Doyle explains, they don’t have to be if we learn how to “reframe” that discomfort and use it to our advantage.

Doyle’s remarkable testimony will help turn moments of discomfort into powerful motivators! Armed with the right information, your brain can become re-wired to be in alignment with your vision. 

The Law of Brand Attraction is packed with solid advice from Doyle, along with an exceptional collection of authors, on mindset along with proven brand and business strategies.

“When you can reframe what discomfort means, you can use it as a catalyst to grow your vision even BIGGER.” – Bob Doyle


“I’m already implementing two massive business strategies that I’ve learned.”  – 5 stars, That History Girl

“As a consciousness revolutionary who recognizes the potency of gratitude in all aspects of our lives, I found this book to be specially aligned with both my life and my business “model.””  – 5 stars, Susan Shatzer

“I had heard a bit about the concept of this book before I read it and was excited to do so. But wow was I in for a shock, it was 24 very individual stories that when read together blew me away. Cannot suggest highly enough for those who are in business or hope to one day start.” – 5 stars, Caroline S.



The Law of Brand Attraction, by Sammy Blindell, an award-winning and seven times best-selling author and CVO behind How To Build A Brand, The Brand Builders Club and One Drop Movement can be purchased at The Law of Brand Attraction and also on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

All proceeds of the book go to Clear Sky Children’s Charity, a UK based charity supporting vulnerable, and at risk, children and young people with resources, training and support to get them through and continue on to live a long healthy life, free of trauma. 

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