The Trust Factor Radio Show Welcomes Side Hustle Coach Robert Logan To Discuss His New Course – Side Hustle Creator

Atlanta, GA – Once a 9-5 retail worker unsatisfied with his job, Robert Logan couldn’t help but wish for different choices; more options for what he could do in life. While Logan wasn’t the only person in this situation to want more, he set himself apart by actually doing something about it. Once he started a side gig at his local martial arts academy, Logan realized he could use his newfound skills to help other people and began coaching fellow side hustlers. His latest product, Side Hustle Creator, launches on December 14th. 

This week, Logan joins Neil Howe on The Trust Factor Radio to discuss the side hustle movement, and how newcomers can make the most out of their business ventures. 

The Hustle Ought to Suit the Hustler   

If you Google ‘side hustle ideas,’ you’ll be overwhelmed by the possibilities; the easy ways to make extra money that seem too good to be true. Well, some of them just might be; ill-suited side gigs don’t make it beyond a few weeks. A bleak future for your dreams, but one that Logan hopes to help you avoid. “The first person I’m trying to help is the person who’s stuck in the idea stage,” he says, clarifying, “I’m still a side hustler myself.” When he began his martial arts gig years ago, it was a struggle – the academy had trouble getting leads and Logan wasn’t making much money. 

So he decided to change tactics. He educated himself about running ads to increase business, such as on Facebook, and his hard work paid off! “I actually ended up making 40k on the side during my first year, which helped me do more [in life]. And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to help other people in the same spot?” Soon, Logan began coaching bright-eyed newbies on picking the right gig, and marketing and launching it in a way that ensured sustainability and long-term success. “It’s all about that clarity;” he says, “knowing exactly what it is you can do, and getting a plan in place to be able to do it.”

How Side Hustle Creator Helps You Launch a Successful Side Gig 

When Logan was designing this course, he looked back at how he’d underestimated himself and hadn’t understood his own skills before he was a side hustler. He then came up with a process to help other people going through the same. “All roads have led me here,” he says, “And it’s super exciting to be able to help others.”

Side Hustle Creator is an online course that takes you through a seven-step process, beginning with helping you choose the right field. To filter through your options, Logan recommends the ‘Three C’ method – control, creativity, contribution – to ensure you pick something you have an aptitude for, are interested in, and are willing to put effort into. You then go on to create a tangible business plan, goals, etc. in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

“I’ve had two people go through the course in beta mode,” says Logan – both now run successful side hustles. Logan initially designed the course for people who already have a stable job, but COVID-19 has rendered many such people unemployed. “There’s been a surge in the marketplace of people who’ve decided they need a side hustle just for the security of their own personal income,” Logan explains, concluding with how glad he is to be able to provide this opportunity at a time like this. 

Side Hustle Creator is divided into seven modules, and the entire course will be available for $17 when it launches on 14th December. You can register for it below: 

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* Facebook Group: The Side Hustle Movement

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