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Anmol Singh

 Co-Founder of Live Traders, Anmol Singh, Shares Why Their Programs Are The Superior Choice! – Anmol Singh

Thousands of traders have lofty aspirations of reaching high levels of success. But the fact is, only a handful of them obtain those goals on their own. Thus, the definitive need for Live Traders, founded in 2015 by Anmol Singh and Jared Wesley as a way to help misguided and uninformed traders find their path to success through proper education and real market experience.

Co-Founders Singh and Wesley not only have a vast amount of market knowledge and experience, but also a strong desire to help other ambitious traders reach their goals. Their mission is to be different and to show others what real trading looks like. With decades of experience, from Singh and Wesley’s careers combined, Live Traders, considered the #1 Stock Market, Forex, and Options educational platform every year since 2015, offers various strategies that suit the majority of enthusiastic traders. They educate on intra-day, swing, core, and options trading, breaking down the complexity of each and providing valuable information for long-term investing and trading plan essentials.

Anmol-Singh-Front-Cover-on-MSP-News-GlobalAnmol Singh started his trading career early on during his college years but without much luck in finding success. After a year or so, he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from a struggling trader to a highly profitable one! To date, Singh has generated a tremendous amount of profit for himself, and his investors, in trading wins. He is a stock and Forex trader, which involves significant risk of loss and isn’t suitable for all traders, an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio, and has funded two tech-based companies. Today, Singh spends most of his time utilizing his real-world experience to manage funds and work with Live Traders’ students to share his success stories and strategies so that they may set and achieve their own goals.

The type of trader that will benefit from Live Traders’ programs ranges from beginners, who haven’t yet made their first trade, to seasoned-traders looking for new tips and strategies to enhance their current abilities. At Live Traders, they understand the nuances of trading as a result of frequently trading around the world in such places as Japan, Dubai, India, Canada, California, New York, and the Bahamas. They hope to build a community of traders for traders and of course, by traders. The organization prides themselves on their honest approach, whether that means a winning day or a losing day, but recognizing that all days are opportunities to learn and make adjustments. Through the many programs that are offered, students can take advantage of comprehensive courses that detail how trades are executed as well as how to handle the many different scenarios that the stock market can present. What differentiates Live Traders from other similar organizations is that while other firms have good intentions, they often lack important and specific details that are extremely necessary for becoming a profitable, professional trader.

Some of the courses that Live Traders offer include:

  • Professional Trading Strategies (PTS): The flagship, 16+ hours course that has transformed the accounts of countless traders, taking them from failed tactics to mastering money management and technical analysis.

Additional courses include: Forex Mastery Class, Best Pattern Mastery Class, Traders Guide to Success, and Trading Lingo. Each course provides information on patterns and trends, unique tips and strategies, the psychology behind certain approaches, and a summary of how everything ties together.

Another remarkable attribute of Live Traders, that sets them apart from other similar firms, is their interest in giving back to those with a deep interest in pursuing a career in trading, but who may not have the financial means to do so. The educational platform recently celebrated the launch of the Live Traders Scholarship Program where qualified students have a chance to go through the Live Trader training program at either no cost or at a dramatically discounted cost. The overwhelming interest and excitement, about this program, has been incredibly high, and applications are being accepted by Live Traders online. Singh shares, “Our goal with the new Scholarship Program is to help qualified individuals change their lives and brighten their future opportunities by putting stock market options and Forex trading within their reach.”

In an industry that is not always easy to survive in, the Co-Founders of Live Traders, who have worked with over 10,000 students, and have been featured on Fox Business, Forbes, and Bloomberg have truly thrived. This is no doubt because of their dedication, education, and persistence. Anyone can teach others how to trade, but with Live Traders’ unique professional trading strategies and guidance, individuals will learn how to make money!

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