Entrepreneurs Innovating For The New Business Paradigm with Jenni Parker Brown

With an eclectic career path spanning many different industries and a myriad of roles, she has moved from fashion retail management, the performing arts, to fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist under a circus big top, style and image consultant, magazine editor, published author, award-winning gastronomy chef and change-activist, Jenni P, as she likes to be known, has accumulated numerous life and business experiences, where each one taught her a lesson in achieving success on her own terms.

 In 2017, Jenni P was chosen by the award-winning TV reality show, “Fix My Brand with Ali Craig” as a candidate and subsequently was invited back onto the program, as a mindset expert and assistant image stylist, for seasons 2 and 3. She has become a world-renowned thought leader who has developed tools and strategies designed to help women envision big dreams and also reach them. Additionally, her quantum success business model, the Trinity Code™, has transformed the lives of many women and is being developed as a documentary film. Having created a valuable resource platform for women entrepreneurs everywhere, Jenni has quickly established herself as an industry leader rising to the top!

If there’s one thing you should know about Jenni Parker Brown, it’s that she wants women to know they should never let go of their dreams. She reminds us that, “life will eventually take you there, but sometimes it’s all about trusting the process when it looks messy!”  Jenni’s personal mission is to help fulfil the Dalai Lama’s famous prophecy quote from 2009, “The world will be saved by western women.” In creating the magazine, House of Preeminence, she is well on her way of checking this off her list! 


House of Preeminence was founded to showcase conversations with some of the world’s most powerful women entrepreneurial leaders. It features the most cutting-edge ideas, on-trend topics and has high-vibe lifestyle content intended to empower readers into overcoming obstacles and forming roadmaps to reach their goals. The magazine is based on nine high-performing principles for the modern female business-leader. When used in visions, goals, planning, rituals and habits, the nine principles have the power to grow personal influence, create an impact and increase income exponentially. It will allow readers to find their own, unique voice to maximise their influence, recognise their strengths and leverage their abilities to reaching their goals. House of Preeminence provides tips, tools and proven techniques that have been used by some of the world’s most successful and most well-known tycoons. 

Jenni realizes the importance of staying on top of business trends and today’s hot topics and recognises the need for offering something unique to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The  ‘House of Preeminence’ platform was formed with a targeted plan in mind.  While most other entrepreneurial magazines focus mainly on business, marketing and wealth, the House of Preeminence™ provides enlightening and provocative articles and conversations about high-performance.  With its holistic approach to success, taking into account mind, body, soul and financial freedom, the magazine stands out through its rich content and stunning visuals on building a life of balance and achievement.   As one reviewer notes, “House of Preeminence is “The ‘Vogue’ of feminine high-performance! Move over Entrepreneur!” 

As we expand our understanding of the new way of business that will characterise this modern, unstable era, Jenni Parker Brown has solidly set herself one step ahead, by offering an exquisite, leading-edge blueprint for committed female achievers. Each issue, bursting with incredible wisdom, marketing magic and insightful and actionable information will undoubtedly make House of Preeminence as one reader commented: “The next ‘O’ Magazine for our time”. 



Founder of the House of Preeminence, Jenni Parker Brown, is a visionary with an immense sense of curiosity and passion for success. Her eclectic careers range from fashion retailing, the performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant, magazine editor and genius activist.

In 2017, she was chosen by the award-winning TV Reality Show, ‘Fix My Brand With Ali Craig’ as candidate and subsequently was invited onto the program as Mindset Expert and Assistant Image Stylist for seasons 2 and 3.

Jenni is a renowned and innovative Thought Leader who has developed world-class tools and experiences for women with dreams as big as their hearts. Her quantum success business model, the Trinity Code™ is transforming the lives of many women and is being developed as a documentary film. Her ultimate goal is to help women entrepreneurs master their full potential, one step at a time.


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