MashUp Offers Online Unity and Training for Christian Leaders

Huntsville, Alabama — As a wild and frankly hostile year comes to a close, one entrepreneur is encouraging others to unify their talents, strengthen their relationships and start anew as stronger leaders in 2021. Bart Justice, founder of Axios Solutions, is striving to ”revolutionize the way you pursue your calling and your vocation,” through a Christian Leadership MashUp™, and he wants you to join him.

“At Axios Solutions, we are passionate about developing strong, action-oriented individuals and teams through meaningful connections and growing discernment,” Justice said.

The Christian Leadership MashUp™, an online peer advisory group, will unify business, nonprofit and church leaders as they strive for excellence in their chosen professions. Going beyond the traditional networking group, the MashUp will focus on online action classes that help you track your habits as you grow to be more productive, inspired and less likely to burn out — something we all need at the end of 2020.

On top of the new and valuable relationships participants will gain, there’s also fresh content provided from top authors summarized in formats for busy professionals. The mentoring relationships support and encourage, as well as help put new ideas into practice.

“What truly makes us different from other groups is that our MashUp of Christian leaders will be inviting the Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek to grow in areas of personal and leadership development,” Justice said. “That’s the key.”

In the past, traditional mentorship groups have been costly, especially for small business owners, and left many unable to pay the yearly dues. Axios Solutions found that an online group would be more cost effective and therefore able to help more people.

For more information on Axios Solutions or the Christian Leadership MashUp™, check out the website at or contact Bart Justice directly at (256) 517-3501.

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